Cashmere blend Wool Fabric

 Cashmere Blend Fabric Fibres

Cashmere wool blend fabric is a material renowned for its exclusive softness. It is highly valued for its light weight, warmth and fabulous texture. An ideal fabric for cold seasons, cashmere is suitable for a wide range of clothing items, from sweaters and cardigans to jackets, trousers and coats.

Cashmere Characteristics

Made of highly coveted fibers, cashmere is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when you’re asked to imagine something soft. What else makes it so valued? Here are some properties cashmere is known for.

  • Warm. Cashmere keeps you warm, but you don’t feel hot in it. Perfect insulation properties work magic.
  • Lightweight. When it comes to keeping warmth in, thickness is not the key factor. Cashmere fabrics are lighter than most wool cloths, but beat them in winter. 
  • Durable. High quality cashmere blend lasts years of regular wear if it is properly cared for.
  • Silky soft. Again, it is one of the softest yarns, with a silky texture.

Cashmere is not itchy, and the secret is in the shape of fibers. They are bumpy, not straight, and tend to cling to each other. That is why this yarn is such a pleasure against one’s skin.