Hanging Bubble Chair In Gold Finish

Bubbles and Balls

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Dare the Bubble Chair, one of the most surprising pieces of furniture of recent years!. The futuristic, perfect bubble shape has made relaxation even lighter. When suspended from the ceiling this chair defies the laws of gravity.

Add a little twist here with the gold steel-plated ring and chain.

The creator's desire to allow light in from all sides was a revolutionary innovation. This effect gives you a feeling of infinite space. The acrylic shell is reinforced to make the seat hard-wearing.

This precision reproduction uses a high-quality Acrylic shell, a premium stainless steel frame. A final touch of comfort is ensured by the two large, padded seat cushions. With its playful, sassy elegance, this chair will give a timeless appearance to your bedroom or living room.

Bubble Chair with its ring and chain finished in gold gives an attractive look to your interior.


  • Product Dimensions: 108x110x78cm
  • Chair Ring Diameter: 108cm
  • Cushions: 65x65
  • Actual Weight: 20kg
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Material: Acrylic, Steel, and fabric cushions (x2)

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